How Big Bear Sunglasses Helps Animal Shelters Raise Money

How Big Bear Sunglasses Helps Animal Shelters Raise Money

Big Bear Sunglasses is not just your ordinary sunglasses store. Beyond offering a wide variety of stylish shades, this unique e-commerce platform lends a hand to animal shelters across the nation. Today we discuss a little about our mission and how exactly we help.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Sustainable Sunglasses
  3. Partnership with Animal Shelters
  4. The Network
  5. Merchandising for Fundraisers
  6. Conclusion


If this is your first visit, Big Bear Sunglasses is an online sunglasses retailer, dedicated to help support animals, shelters and rescue organizations with our Shades for Shelters® program (we donate 20% of net proceeds to humane shelter / rescue organizations in the United States). It's our mantra, "Look cool, help dogs". It's why we do what we do.

Help raise money for animal shelters with sunglasses

We create high-quality, sustainable sunglasses at a super affordable price that everyone can enjoy and we give back where we can.

Sustainable Sunglasses

"All retail products eventually make their way out of circulation" 

Big Bear sunglasses stand out not only for their sleek and stylish designs but also for their sustainability. Our company recognizes the importance of joining the global effort to protect the environment and contributes proactively by offering recyclable and biodegradable products.

biodegradable acetate frames

Partnering with Animal Shelters

Revenue for animal shelters with Big Bear sunglasses

Partnering with Big Bear presents a unique opportunity for animal shelters to introduce a steady, recurring revenue stream, with minimal hassle. With Big Bear taking care of the complexities of marketing, branding, sourcing, and delivery, shelters can focus on their primary goal - the care and rescue of animals.

The partnership allows shelters to effectively monetize their foot traffic, without managing the intricacies of merchandising. Furthermore, by selling Big Bear's stylish sunglasses at fundraisers or in shelter stores, they can generate additional income while promoting a fashionable brand that holds animal welfare at its core. A partnership with Big Bear genuinely embodies a win-win situation.


Why is it important for shelters to merchandise?


Reason Details
Tangible Exchange Selling merchandise gives donors something tangible in return.
Increased Engagement It provides a more interactive way for supporters to contribute to animal shelters.
Variety of Products By offering a variety of merchandise, a wider range of supporters can be appealed to.
Greater Value Perception Donors might perceive merchandise as a valuable exchange for their contribution.
Marketing Exposure Every piece of merchandise also serves as an advertisement for the shelter.
Long-term Funding Merchandise sales can provide steady and sustainable funding.
Community Building Supporters come together as a community when wearing or using the merchandise.
Brand Awareness Selling merchandise improves awareness of the shelter and its cause.
Potential Profit Margin Merchandise can offer a higher profit margin in comparison to direct donations.
Repeat Donations Supporters may make repeat contributions if they like the merchandise.

The Network

Big Bear donates 20% of net revenue to shelters that merchandise with the brand, simply by carrying a few of our products in your shelter (that are designed for you to make money for your shelter) shelters are now in "our network".

Big Bear Shelter Network

Being part of the Big Bear network (will hopefully soon) significantly amply an animal shelter's exposure and abilities to generate funds. Big Bear's commitment to donate 20% of its net revenue back into the network ensures shelters receive a regular influx of financial support. This network provides a connected community of shelters and pet-based businesses, all mutually benefiting from each Big Bear sale. Integrating into this network doesn’t just boost funds; it fosters connections and shared success across the animal welfare community. Fundamentally, the Big Bear network unites and strengthens animal shelters while promoting a stylish and sustainable brand.

Merchandising for Fundraisers

Animal Shelter Merchandising with Big Bear Brands


Big Bear's high-quality merchandise significantly boosts the potential for raising funds at your next fundraising event. The beauty of merchandising with Big Bear lies in its ease and effectiveness. Shelters can order customized items such as trendy hooded sweatshirts, hats, and, of course, sunglasses to sell at events, offering their supporters stylish products they'll love. This not only encourages generous donations at the event but creates a lasting connection with supporters who continue to wear and use their Big Bear products. Consequently, fundraisers become more impactful, enjoyable and memorable for attendees, making them an excellent opportunity for shelters.


Animal shelters play a crucial role in protecting vulnerable creatures and are near and dear to our hearts at Big Bear. We started this company so we could make a difference in the lives of animals everywhere.

Collaborating with Big Bear creates a new way for these shelters to raise money and support their essential work. Big Bear hopes to prove that commercial success and sustainability can go hand in hand, helping dogs look cool and contributing to a better world.

Visit our page raise money for animal shelters to learn more about our products and the cause we support. Look cool, help dogs. Together.