Cleaning your Acetate Shades

Use only microfiber cloth with water or a cleaner specifically designed for lens care. Do not use paper products, tissues with lotion or abrasive surfaces or cleaners on your lenses as these will leave scratches, or film on lenses. Frames / temples can be washed using warm water and a mild dish detergent (if necessary).

its a feature, not a bug

Adjusting your Acetate Sunglasses

Acetate is a softer, flexible plastic, sometimes that means your shades may need some adjustments. If you find that your glasses are higher on one side or they don't sit flat on a flat surface simply (and gently) twist the frames and hold for a few seconds.

If you sat on them, had them on the bottom of a backpack or otherwise have a severe bend in the frames it may be necessary to heat the frames to make them more maluable. Use warm water or a hair dryer to make adjusting a bit easier and more permanent.

If heating with a hair dryer keep at least 10 inches away and for no more than 10-15 seconds at at time.