Making Our Case for the Best Basic Sunglasses of 2024

Making Our Case for the Best Basic Sunglasses of 2024

Your Ultimate Guide to Basic Sunglasses for men and women

When you're looking for basic sunglasses that check every box for style, resilience, and practicality, Big Bear Glasses is the go-to place. We're proud to offer a selection that makes a compelling case for why our green lens sunglasses should be at the top of your list for 2024.

Table of Contents:
  1. Timeless Design
  2. Durability Meets Flexibility
  3. Satisfaction Guaranteed
  4. Convenient Shopping
  5. New Customer Discount
  6. Eco-Friendly Future
  7. Giving Back
  8. Small Business Charm

Timeless Design

Basic Sunglasses Vintage Look

When it comes to style, it's essential to consider both what's trending now and what will stand the test of time. Our green lens sunglasses, inspired by classic 70's diver watches, offer a timeless design that blends vintage appeal with modern sophistication.

Durability Meets Flexibility

Basic Sunglasses Lifetime Warranty

Quality should never be compromised, and that's why our frames are crafted from super strong and flexible acetate. They're designed to endure life's adventures without losing their shape or comfort. Covered by our lifetime manufacturer's warranty, you can't go wrong. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Basic Sunglasses 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We value your contentment above all else. That's why we offer hassle-free 30-day returns. If our sunglasses don't meet your expectations, returning them is easy and cost-free.

Convenient Shopping

We understand your busy lifestyle, so convenience is our priority. With free shipping on all orders, your new green lens sunglasses will arrive swiftly and without additional cost, right to your doorstep.

New Customer Discount

30% off basic sunglasses

To welcome you to the Big Bear family, we're delighted to offer a 30% off on your first order. Spoil yourself with a pair of our premium green lens sunglasses without breaking the bank. Simply register for our newsletter (don't worry we won't spam you) at the bottom of the website and you'll get the discount!

Eco-Friendly Future

We're not just selling sunglasses; we're advocating for a sustainable future. Our frames are manufactured using a biodegradable acetate that breaks down in just a few years—a vast improvement over plastics that linger for centuries. Check out our biodegrabaility page for more info.

 Basic Sunglasses Packaging

We also use minimal packaging and strive for materials that are recyclable when shipping. You'll notice our glasses arrive in a basic, cardboard box. We don't think every customer needs a gift box. 

Giving Back

Basic Sunglasses Support Local Shelters

Caring for animals is at the heart of what we do. We donate 20% of net proceeds to humane animal shelters. Purchasing from us means you're also contributing to the welfare of animals in need. One day there'll be a Big Bear shelter, that's why were' in this. 

Support Small Business 

By choosing Big Bear Glasses, you're supporting a small business that values customers like family. We take pride in our personalized service and commitment to quality. 

In conclusion, for the best basic sunglasses of 2024, look no further than Big Bear Glasses. We offer stylish, durable sunglasses with all the perks of eco-conscious shopping and the reassurance of a satisfaction guarantee. Prepare to see the world more clearly and responsibly with a pair of our green lens sunglasses—your sight will thank you.

Check out our basic sunglasses and discover why Big Bear Glasses should be your choice for sunglasses in 2024 and beyond.