Shades for Shelters® - February Donations

Shades for Shelters® - February Donations

In February we decided to have some fun with our donations and enter Lullable (Aka Big Bear) in America's Favorite Pet Contest. Although she did not win, we did wind up donating a total of $70 to the Paws Foundation of Chicago, a wonderful organization that helps thousands of animals a year. 


6th Place Lu



On February 11th we set up our first product give away at the Chicago Winter Bike Swap to raise money for a local animal shelter in the area. A.D.O.P.T. is a private, “no-kill”, non-profit animal shelter located in Naperville, IL that provides temporary shelter and care to dogs and cats in search of their forever home.

It was a small event, however we were able to meet some great people and give away 10 pairs of sunglasses ($450 retail), we ended up raising $102 for A.D.O.P.T.


ADOPT Giveaway



Grand Total February Donations - $170

A bit smaller than January, but every donation helps.  

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