Shades for Shelters® - May Donations

Shades for Shelters® - May Donations

Every month we detail how Big Bear gives back with our Shades for Shelters® program, we pledge 20% of net proceeds towards animal rescues and shelters in the United States. 

It's been a couple of months since our last donation post, when we secured the location for the shop we stopped marketing, when we stopped marketing we stopped selling sunglasses. So it goes. 

Now that we're open, we're back to being able to give back and in May we donated a total of $1,047.47 and we started our Sponsored Adoption Program with Aurora Animal Care and Control

We were approached by a volunteer for K.A.R.E (Kane Area Rehabilitation & Education for Wildlife) right after opening the shop for their fundraiser on May 18th. We typically don't think of our wild animal friends needing help, but it seemed like an excellent cause. We donated a total of $450 of sunglasses to their auction / fundraiser.

Total donation: $450

The majority of this months donations went to Aurora Animal Care and Control, our friends just south of the shop. My wife and I do behavioral evaluations at Aurora and they've some wonderful dogs down there. This month we spend the majority of our Shades for Shelters® funding on some new supplies for the dogs and the staff! 

Toys, new leashes, new collars and definitely some treats. It doesn't look like much but every little bit helps improve the lives of the shelter dogs and staff who work with these animals every day. Sometimes the proper equipment and or enrichment items for the dogs and staff can make all the difference. 

Grand Total May Donations - $1,047.47

This is why we do what we do!


Aside from the equipment donations, Big Bear has partnered with Aurora Animal Care and Control to offer Sponsored Adoptions! 

If you're looking to adopt a new dog or cat, stop by Big Bear's location at the Batavia Boardwalk Shops and we'll give you a Adoption Gift Certificate good towards the adoption fees of a dog or cat! That's right, you get your new best friend and we'll get the bill! 

These are first come first serve, so while supplies last. However this is a program we'd like to continue throughout the year! 

With any luck in our June edition we'll have some news about some new adoptions to share!


Oh yea, and we adopted Scoop. 

Scoop was abandoned at a local doggy daycare for months, long story short he wound up as our 5th rescue dog turned foster failure. You can find his whole story here

Why do we share this information? Because accountability matters, we do what we do because we care and we genuinely want to make a difference in the lives of shelter animals, the people that care for those animals and the ones who eventually adopt and take them home. 

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Remember, every pair helps us give back to the shelters and rescues in communities all across the United States. If you believe in our message then consider sharing this article.