What is Acetate?

What is Acetate?

The Magic of Acetate: The Star Material of High-Quality Sunglasses

When shopping for eyewear on bigbearglasses.com, you may have come across a term: acetate. This is a buzzword in the eyewear industry and for a good reason. Let's delve into the fascinating world of acetate and understand why it's a beloved choice of material in our Sunglasses Collection!

Table of Contents

  • Understanding Acetate: The Basics
  • Not Just Any Acetate: Our Biodegradable Promise
  • Why Choose Acetate Sunglasses?

Understanding Acetate: The Basics

Acetate, also known as cellulose acetate, is a plant-based plastic that was first prepared in 1865. Although it shares some similarities with petroleum-based plastics, it boasts a vastly different identity.

"Acetate: A distinct blend of strength, flexibility, and sheer brilliance!"

Acetate is derived from cellulose by treating it with acetic acid & acetic anhydride and then produced by introducing plasticizers. It's a high-quality plastic, with a glossy finish and lasting durability.

Not Just Any Acetate: Our Biodegradable Promise

At bigbearglasses.com, we embrace a greener future. Our Biodegradability page discusses this ethos in more detail. 

This acetate promises durability and luxury, just like regular acetate but has an edge over: biodegradable capacity, allowing us to support your style and the environment simultaneously.

Why Choose Acetate Sunglasses?

Tan Acetate Sunglasses

There's a whole host of reasons why acetate frames hold a place of pride in our collections and the collections of many high-end glasses providers. Here are a few reasons:

Comfort: Acetate frames are lightweight and hypoallergenic, providing comfort for extended wear.

Durability: They are sturdy and can resist most impacts and scratches better than metal or plastic frames.

Design Flexibility: Acetate provides infinite possibilities in color, pattern, and texture. At bigbearglasses.com, we unleash this vibrant potential to bring you trendy, distinctive eyewear collections.

Eco-friendly: Our biodegradable acetate frames align with our sustainable practices. They break down over time when exposed to moisture and heat, significantly reducing their environmental impact.

The Bottom Line

Choosing Acetate frames ultimately means choosing an accessory that holds value, style, comfort, and eco-friendliness. To find your perfect pair of acetate sunglasses, browse our latest Sunglasses on bigbearglasses.com. For more insights into sunny styles, fashion trends, and eyewear care, check out our blog.

Dive into the brilliant world of acetate with us, and choose eyewear that marries style and sustainability!