Big Bear merchandise is perfect for everything from high traffic shelters looking to capitalize on free foot traffic to lower volume shelters that have a hard time properly merchandising. It's even great for local pet based business that want to support their local animal shelter or rescues.

Why is it important for shelters to merchandise?

Selling merchandise certainly isn't a substitute for charitable donations, however, it can accentuate donations and provide an alternative method to funding shelter and rescue organizations.

  • Selling Merchandise gives donors something tangible in return
  • By offering a variety of different items a wider range of supporters can be appealed to
  • Branded merchandise can serve as an advertisement for the shelter or rescue
  • Merchandise can serve as a way to stimulate donations and encourage donations

Introduce a new monthly recurring revenue stream to your animal shelter

Capitalize on foot traffic without the hassle, we do the marketing, branding, sourcing and delivering for you. Many shelters fail at monetizing with merchandise because they underestimate the complexities and time it takes. We do the work for you.

How it works

In shelter display

Choose the sunglasses you want to carry in our store from our sunglasses collection. We're bringing in a ton of new colors in 2024!

(we know shelters don't always have a ton of space, displays start at 8 pair countertop sizes).

Custom branded for your shelter

We send you your order of shades with a Big Bear Shades for Shelters display dual branded with your organization's name.

Direct ship to your customers

Each display comes with customized shelter branding that includes a coupon code and QR code for your specific shelter. You send them to us, we ship, your animal shelter gets paid.

Big Bear was built to help

We created Big Bear as a way to help shelters raise money and support humane animal shelters and rescues. It's our passion.

Custom Branding Options Available

We do the designs, you add your touch. Big Bear brands continuously comes out with new Big Bear, dog themed apparel designs that you simply put your shelter's name on.

Your shelter's merchandising on autopilot.

Look cool, help dogs. Together.

Contact us and start raising money for your shelter