Groot Blue


Shades for Shelters® - Each pair sold we donate enough money to feed a shelter dog for an entire day.

Groot Blue

The Groot Blue shades were inspired by our 2nd rescue and goodest boy, Groot. We can't guarantee that you'll be quite has handsome as him wearing them but we can guarantee you'll have some pretty cool sunglasses.

At just 3-4 months old, Groot's journey started on the streets of Tennessee when he was picked up by animal control. He spent a year in their care until a rescue organization in Illinois agreed to bring him up.

Groot spent another 2 years with the rescue organization that pulled him from Tennessee, until we officially adopted him. He’d never been in a home before, when we brought Groot into our house he was scared of everything, especially stairs and the ceiling fan.

Groot has been a loving member of our family for the last 10 years (and he's still going strong!).

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Shades for Shelters®

Roughly 6.5 million animals enter US shelters every year, less than half of the animals that enter shelters get adopted. We want to help those animals in finding their forever homes. With our Shades for Shelters program we donate 20% of net proceeds to humane animal rescues in the United States.

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Biodegradable Acetate Frames

All products eventually make their way out of circulation. Big Bear frames and temples are made from a high quality bio acetate compound that will decompose far faster than traditional plastics. They're also more flexible than plastic frames, making them far more resistant to breakage.

Square acetate sunglasses on table with seiko diver watch and extra temples

Premium Acetate Sunglasses

They may look basic but they're definitely not your gas station sunglasses. These shades don't feel like plastic, because they're not. They "feel" real, like they're not going to break, and they're backed by a Lifetime Warranty. Durable, flexible acetate frames, solid 5 barrel hinges with philips head screws, fingerprint resistant, matte finish.

Square Acetate Sunglasses on table with Seiko Watch

A blast from the 1970s

Big Bear Sunglasses draw inspiration from the iconic Seiko 6105 timepiece, immortalized in the 1970s by Francis Ford Coppola's cinematic masterpiece, "Apocalypse Now." Capturing the essence of that era's adventurous spirit and timeless style, these sunglasses pay homage to the rugged, utilitarian design of the Seiko 6105.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Daily Drivers

These glasses are sweet. A big fella needs some glasses that fit my head and a big enough profile to look good. I wear them everyday. Super comfortable. And I love dogs. Added bonus.

Tracey Schielie
Great sunglasses!

Love these sunglasses! I can wear them in the pool and the lenses don't get permanent water marks on them like other pairs do. Plus they're super comfortable.


I’ve sat on these, thrown em around on the boat, dropped them, and just utterly abused them like Cinderella before Prince Charming. AMAZING for someone like me. Also being a fisherman on the saltwater and seeing zero rust is a plus plus for me.