Forest Bear


Shades for Shelters® - Each pair sold we donate enough money to feed a shelter dog for an entire day.

Forest Bear

Our 4th rescue dog, Lulabell (AKA Big Bear herself) can often be found happily trotting amongst the trees, Lulabell's boundless love for the great outdoors was the inspiration for the Forest Bear sunglasses.

Lu's life began at a puppy mill and she was sold to a sedentary, elderly couple with negligible education about her breed or needs as a pet. This mismatch escalated as she was deprived of the vigorous exercise her breed required and was instead given food as a means of pacification. With time, Lulabella became severely obese, weighing almost 100 pounds, an unhealthy weight for her breed.

She was eventually surrendered to a shelter, after spending just a few months there my wife and I agreed to take her in as a foster.

In a twist of fate, Lulabella was adopted while in our care but returned to us just one week later. It was then we realized that Lu had indeed already found her forever home, it was ours.

There's also a Forest Bear Tshirt.

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Shades for Shelters®

Roughly 6.5 million animals enter US shelters every year, less than half of the animals that enter shelters get adopted. We want to help those animals in finding their forever homes. With our Shades for Shelters program we donate 20% of net proceeds to humane animal rescues in the United States.

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Biodegradable Acetate Frames

All products eventually make their way out of circulation. Big Bear frames and temples are made from a high quality bio acetate compound that will decompose far faster than traditional plastics. They're also more flexible than plastic frames, making them far more resistant to breakage.

Square acetate sunglasses on table with seiko diver watch and extra temples

Premium Acetate Sunglasses

They may look basic but they're definitely not your gas station sunglasses. These shades don't feel like plastic, because they're not. They "feel" real, like they're not going to break, and they're backed by a Lifetime Warranty. Durable, flexible acetate frames, solid 5 barrel hinges with philips head screws, fingerprint resistant, matte finish.

Square Acetate Sunglasses on table with Seiko Watch

A blast from the 1970s

Big Bear Sunglasses draw inspiration from the iconic Seiko 6105 timepiece, immortalized in the 1970s by Francis Ford Coppola's cinematic masterpiece, "Apocalypse Now." Capturing the essence of that era's adventurous spirit and timeless style, these sunglasses pay homage to the rugged, utilitarian design of the Seiko 6105.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Matthew Larson
digging these shades

Fit, style, and clarity... I am really enjoying all aspects of these sunglasses.

Premium Style and Quality for an Affordable Price

I was excited to try these glasses, as I’ve been looking for a nice pair of stylish sunglasses for a while without breaking the bank. These glasses (I have the forest bear color) tick off nearly every box for me, but I’m also a big fan of the company that makes it.

First, the glasses. They arrived in less than a week, professionally packaged with Big Bear’s smiling face on the box. I was both very pleased and surprised to see that they arrived in a nice drawstring storage bag with a lens cleaning cloth. The acetate frames feel weighty and solid in my hands and the polarized UV 400 protection is a step above what I was using before. The heavy-duty metal hinges add an extra element of quality and durability to the design that I am very impressed with.

As far as fit, they fit very snugly to my head. For some, this might feel too small, however for someone who struggles often with their glasses falling off their sweaty face while working in the heat, this is perfect for me. The woodgrain-patterned temples go well with many outfits and make a definite statement. The nose pad is comfortable and doesn’t irritate the bridge of my nose like my $180 prescription pair does.

The company embodies many of the virtues my wife and I espouse. As former volunteers at our local animal shelter, and eternal fans of dogs, we love that money from the sale of the glasses goes towards helping animal shelters. We love that they choose quality and sustainable materials for their products, and most of all we love that they manage to make these glasses at a premium quality for a budget-conscious price. I will definitely be getting another pair.


I wholeheartedly recommend this sunglasses company for their stylish eyewear, their commitment to supporting animal shelters, and their use of recycled materials. By purchasing from them, not only will you be protecting your eyes with fashionable shades, but you'll also be contributing to a worthy cause and promoting sustainability. It's a win-win situation that I believe everyone should be a part of.

Karen Spaulding
Excellent quality

Sunglasses arrived on time, very good quality. Wood and front frame both have a great, high quality feel to them. Clear to see through, highly recommend.

Henry Reinoso

I recently purchased from you a pair of glasses. First, I must commend you for the high quality and eco-friendly materials used - the acetate frames have a lovely texture and feel very sturdy yet comfortable. I can feel good knowing these sunglasses have less impact on the environment.

The UV40 lenses are also a big plus - it's reassuring to have certified protection from harmful rays. The lenses have a nice tint and don't distort colors too much. I've found them very effective at reducing glare without compromising vision.

I was surprised at the affordable price for such well-made sunglasses. The value is excellent. I will definitely consider purchasing another pair from you in the future as my sunglasses collection expands.

I also wanted to express my support for your efforts in supporting animal shelters. It's commendable that a portion of profits goes towards helping dogs find foster and forever homes. I appreciate brands that give back to their communities in tangible ways.

In summary, I'm very happy with my purchase and will recommend your sunglasses and company to friends and family. The quality, value and environmental initiatives you champion make me feel good about being a customer. Please keep up the excellent work, people will love wearing sunglasses while also helping dogs in need.